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Podcast Episode 19 – Akvile DeFazio

Welcome to the first podcast episode under our new name! Subscribe links below: Spotify iTunes To kick things off under our new banner, I sat down with the amazing Akvile

Podcast Episode 17 – Britney Muller

Hi all and welcome back to another episode! For this episode I’m joined by Britney Muller, Senior SEO Scientist at Moz. Many people will know Moz for their tool suite,

Podcast Episode 16 – Stephen Thair

The world of devops and marketing are often viewed as completely separate units, however there’s a huge need to improve conversations between the two teams. In this episode I talk

Podcast Episode 15 – Advertising in Lockdown

Earlier this week we ran a webinar to discuss everything we’re seeing at the moment on paid social and PPC, and to pass on some advice on what is working

Podcast Episode 14 – Mehul Garg

Hi everyone and welcome back to another episode! This time round I sit down with Mehul Garg, CMO on-demand from Mehul has a wealth of experience working with start-ups

Podcast Episode 13 – Phil Nottingham

The importance of video is talked about a huge amount, however solid advice on the strategy behind video is often missing. Without a clear strategy and well thought through set

Podcast Episode 12 – Anna Shutko

It’s no secret that we’re serious fans of Supermetrics here at Overdrive. I’m still hugely grateful for being introduced to the tool by Nick Boyce (thank you!) over three years

Podcast Episode 11 – Harry Hugo

Welcome back to another episode! This time round myself and Ellie went to see Harry Hugo, co-founder of Goat to find out what it’s like growing the world’s largest influencer