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Podcast Episode 12 – Anna Shutko

It’s no secret that we’re serious fans of Supermetrics here at Overdrive. I’m still hugely grateful for being introduced to the tool by Nick Boyce (thank you!) over three years

Podcast Episode 11 – Harry Hugo

Welcome back to another episode! This time round myself and Ellie went to see Harry Hugo, co-founder of Goat to find out what it’s like growing the world’s largest influencer

Podcast Episode 10 – Ben Potter

Happy new year! For our first episode of the decade there’s something a little different to the usual digital marketing topics that we’ve featured in the past. This time round

Podcast Episode 9 – Simo Ahava

Welcome back to another episode! Ever since I started using Google Tag Manager I’d always end up on Simo Ahava’s blog. As for so many others who have questions around GTM,

Podcast Episode 8 – Geoff Griffiths

The task of client servicing is clearly vital to any successful agency business, however it’s a role that can be approached in many different ways with no clear right or

Podcast Episode 7 – Rachel Clay

In this episode I sit down with Rachel Clay, Head of Social Media & Influencer Marketing at London agency Matter Of Form. The topic of influencer marketing is a fascinating

Podcast Episode 6 – Stephen Pavlovich

Stephen Pavlovich is founder of conversion rate optimisation specialists In this episode we sit down to talk through CRO and how website owners, ecommerce managers and marketers alike can

Podcast Episode 5 – Kelvin Newman

I’ve been attending Brighton SEO since 2011, which means I’ve been fortunate enough to witness a large portion of its success and growth. In just nine years, Brighton SEO has

Podcast Episode 4 – JD Prater

Being one of the first to maximise the potential on a new advertising platform is an opportunity that only comes around so often. Although Quora Ads have been available for