Facebook Ads – How to Identify Areas of Wasted Spend

When looking to improve performance, finding inefficient areas to cut is just as important as finding winning elements to increase spend on. The fundamentals of paid media all centre around

Podcast Episode 26 – Jack Cooper

Hi everyone and welcome back to another episode! Andertons is a store that I’ve shopped in since I was 12. They’re a great family run business based in Guildford who

Podcast Episode 25 – Mike Arnesen

Remote working is a situation that almost every businesses has been thrust into over the past three months. For some that’s just a continuation of the norm, and for some

Podcast Episode 24 – How We Run Facebook Ads

With any ad platform, you can learn all the features you wish but what’s going to make the difference is how you deploy them. Subscribe links below: Spotify iTunes This

Podcast Episode 23 – Nicholas Weber

Hi everyone and welcome back to another episode! This time we’re talking about how to select the right ecommerce platform for your business. Subscribe links below: Spotify iTunes Selecting the

LinkedIn Steps Up Its Retargeting Options

I’ve always thought LinkedIn was quite limited and behind the curve with its retargeting functionality compared to Facebook, Twitter and other platforms. This all changed last week when LinkedIn launch

Podcast Episode 22 – Alison Clancy

In this episode we’re discussing marketing for the music industry. To talk us through the topic we’re joined by guest Alison Clancy who runs specialist marketing services for artists and

A Look at TikTok’s Self-Service Ad Manager

TikTok has been growing rapidly and now has over 800 million active users worldwide. It is only a matter of time before it becomes a big player in the ads