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PPC Advertising Trends We’ve Seen During Lockdown

Last month we ran a webinar which explored the different trends we have been observing across paid search and paid social. We came across some interesting findings in the world of

My First 3 Months in PPC

I joined Overdrive Digital in February, and it’s safe to say the first few months have been a crazy roller coaster. Within my first few weeks, the UK was hit

Webinar – How to Prove Your Value

Proving the value of your paid media efforts may seem like a black and white exercise on the surface, but circumstances often cause things to get complicated quickly. Activity in

Retargeting: Cool or Creepy?

Are you ever scrolling through Instagram or browsing Google when an ad pops up – marketing the same or a similar product/service you were looking at on a site? You’ve

Webinar – Social and PPC Advertising in Lockdown

Hi all! These are really turbulent times in marketing and as an agency we’re seeing many different patterns in performance. Some sectors have gone into hibernation whereas others are absolutely

Top PPC Mistakes From The Trenches

As an agency, we get to see lots of different Google Ads accounts all of which come in a large variety of conditions. Some good, some bad. There will always

Combining Competitor Bidding And RLSA

Bidding on competitor terms – is it worth doing? As with everything in PPC, the honest answer is ‘it depends’. Over the past couple of weeks there’s been quite a

Why I Believe % of Spend is a Risky Charging Model

I really do believe that the traditional paid media charging model is not right. Charging models and fee structures in PPC have been a long-standing topic of debate, and everyone