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Diversifying Your Paid Social Mix

Facebook advertising is a great way of increasing revenue, gaining brand awareness and creating lifetime customers, but diversifying your paid social advertising has never been more important. On Blackout Tuesday

Facebook Ads – How to Identify Areas of Wasted Spend

When looking to improve performance, finding inefficient areas to cut is just as important as finding winning elements to increase spend on. The fundamentals of paid media all centre around

Facebook Shops – Good or Bad?

From May 19th Facebook started to roll out a new feature, Facebook Shops. This is an in-platform, mobile-first shopping experience designed to make online shopping seamless. Facebook Shops is designed

Webinar – How to Prove Your Value

Proving the value of your paid media efforts may seem like a black and white exercise on the surface, but circumstances often cause things to get complicated quickly. Activity in

How To Group Audiences for CBO Campaigns

It won’t come as a shock to many of you that Facebook has now made Campaign Budget Optimisation NOT compulsory. As a result, we are now looking at CBO through

Paid Social Advertising Trends During Lockdown

2 weeks ago, we ran a webinar sharing the insights and trends we have seen across Paid Social and PPC since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic.  For those of

How Much Do Facebook Ads Cost?

“How much should we be spending” and “what are the costs of running Facebook ads” are two of the most frequent questions we get asked, but also happen to be