EP133 – The Evolution of PPC in Digital Marketing

Author Sarah Hailwood 3 min read time

Welcome back to the first episode of 2024! In this episode, we’re diving into the ever-changing world of PPC with Indi Rai, Head of Acquisition at Ufurnish. Indi brings a wealth of experience from both agency and client-side perspectives, offering us a unique insight into the landscape of PPC & Performance marketing.

We’re exploring everything from the development of PPC over the years, to the synergy between PPC and SEO. Whether you’re from a startup or a big corporation, you’ll get insider insights on adapting strategies, harnessing automation, and the importance of creativity in digital marketing. Tune in for an episode packed with pro tips and real-world wisdom that’ll give you an edge in your marketing game!

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Key Takeaways:

  • Evolution of PPC and Digital Marketing:  Gain insight into how PPC and digital marketing have evolved over the years, including the transition from granular, device-specific campaigns to more integrated strategies and the shift towards automated bidding.
  • Adaptability in Marketing: Understand the importance of adapting to changes in technology and strategies in digital marketing, such as Google’s Enhanced Campaigns and the increasing reliance on automation and data-driven decisions.
  • Strategic Thinking in Large Corporations vs. Startups: Understand the unique challenges and strategies employed in PPC and digital marketing in large corporations versus startups, with a focus on budget management, resource allocation, and achieving efficiency.
  • Data-Driven Decision Making: The shift towards a more data-centric approach in PPC, emphasising the importance of aligning marketing strategies with business growth, profitability, and understanding customer acquisition costs.
  • Creative Aspects in Modern PPC: The evolving role of creativity in PPC campaigns in the age of automation, highlighting the importance of crafting effective ad content and strategically feeding data into automated systems.
  • The Changing Role of PPC Practitioners: An understanding of how the role of PPC professionals has shifted from manual campaign management to leveraging automated systems and focusing on broader business impacts.
  • Professional Development Advice for PPC Practitioners: Practical advice for individuals in PPC roles, especially in startups, on the importance of building industry networks, staying updated with trends, and understanding the broader marketing landscape.

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