EP143 – Authenticity & Sustainability with Vanessa Jefferies – Too Good To Go

Author Sarah Hailwood 2 min read time

Too Good To Go is a brand focused on fighting food waste and having a social impact. Sustainability and social impact is a huge focus for brands as well as a key driver for many in the increasingly conscious consumer market. But how do you tell the difference between the brands that are authentic and those that are doing it for marketing purposes?

Jon and Vanessa Jefferies, Associate Director of Marketing at Too Good To Go, explore the intersection of sustainability, social impact, and brand authenticity. We delve into how businesses can authentically incorporate social impact, differentiate themselves in the sustainability space and maintain credibility whilst pursuing market leadership.



Key Takeaways:

  • Understand how brands obtain and maintain authenticity and credibility whilst pursuing sustainability initiatives.
  • Understand how the social impact movement is having a positive effect.
  • How consumers can distinguish between brands that authentically prioritise sustainability and those that may be leveraging it for marketing purposes.
  • Approaches to effectively communicate a brand’s social impact without appearing disingenuous or solely focused on marketing objectives.
  • Insights into future trends and developments in the sustainability and social impact space, and how brands like Too Good To Go are positioning themselves to stay ahead of the curve.