Podcast Episode 2 – AJ Wilcox

Author Jon Quinton < 1 min read time

In this episode we speak to LinkedIn Ads genius AJ Wilcox, founder of B2Linked.com at  Social Media Marketing World in sunny (ish) San Diego.

This was genuinely the most insightful 30 minutes I’ve ever had on LinkedIn Ads, so if you’re in the B2B marketing game or trying to figure out LinkedIn ads – this is definitely one for you!

Within the episode we talk about all kinds of things to do with LinkedIn Ads, but in particular we discuss:

  • Where LinkedIn Ads are going in the future
  • Content assets for lead gen
  • Account structure and general approach
  • Bidding strategies
  • Creative testing

Hope you enjoy!


Fun Times!
Fun times!


Having been involved in digital marketing for over a decade, Jon set up Overdrive Digital in 2016. With extensive experience in both paid media and organic channels, Jon has worked with brands ranging from small startups to global businesses.