EP141 – Mastering Personalisation Through Automation, with Sam Lewis-Williams – The Financial Times

Author Sarah Hailwood 2 min read time

Welcome to episode 141 of the Marketing Freaks Podcast. This week, we’re joined by Sam Lewis-Williams, Head of Automation at the Financial Times, to explore how both businesses and consumers navigate the abundance of content that we have access to, and how the Financial Times uses automation to deliver the right content to the right audience.

We delve into the different applications of automation at the Financial Times. Sam explains how behavioural data is changing the way that the Financial Times delivers content to their subscribers to create 1:1 experiences.


Key Takeaways:

  • Personalised Content Delivery: Listeners will understand how the Financial Times leverages marketing automation to deliver personalised content experiences to its diverse subscriber base, ensuring that the right content reaches the right subscribers at the right time.
  • Content Curation with Automation: Sam will provide insights into the significant volume of content available at the Financial Times and how automation plays a crucial role in the selection and curation of content for individual subscribers, enhancing their overall experience.
  • Shift to Customer-Centric ‘Orchestration’: Listeners will learn about the transition from traditional linear email-based campaigns to a more customer-centric ‘Orchestration’ approach, and why this shift is essential in the context of marketing automation at the Financial Times.
  • Behavioural Data’s Impact: Sam will explain how the use of behavioural data is revolutionising content delivery, leading to the creation of 1:1 experiences, making content recommendations more tailored and relevant.