EP151 – Is Digital Marketing Education Broken? With Giovanni Pupo – Lipton

Author Sarah Hailwood 2 min read time

Welcome to episode 151 of the Marketing Freaks Podcast. In this episode, Jon is joined on the sofa by Head of Ecommerce Media Europe at Lipton, Giovanni Pupo. As well as leading a team of 8 at Lipton, Gio teaches coursed around Marketing, Planning and Analytics to students from all over the world at Politecnico Di Milan. We discuss Gio’s passion for Digital Marketing, Education and Wine!

More importantly, Jon and Gio highlight the disparity between what is taught in higher education vs. the application and skills required to work within the Digital Marketing Industry. Is the curriculum outdated, or is it just focused on traditional marketing, rather than Digital Marketing?

Graduates are often inducted into roles without any knowledge of how Digital Marketing Platforms work. We discuss the challenges graduates face when entering digital marketing roles without adequate knowledge, and how both employers and students can tackle them.




  • Awareness of Disparities: Understanding the significant gap between what is taught in traditional university marketing programs and the practical skills needed for success in digital marketing roles.
  • Challenges Faced by Graduates: Recognise the challenges that graduates face when entering digital marketing roles without adequate knowledge of digital platforms and strategies.
  • Importance of Critical Skills: Learning about the critical skills and knowledge required for success in the digital marketing industry, including data analytics, social media marketing, SEO, and more.
  • Differences Between Traditional and Digital Marketing: Understanding the differences between traditional marketing approaches and digital marketing strategies, and how these translate into today’s market demands.
  • Calls for Educational Reform: Hearing suggestions for how universities can better prepare students for digital marketing careers, such as updating curriculum content and incorporating more practical, hands-on learning experiences.
  • Recommendations for Skill Development: Recommendations for courses and learning tools to develop digital marketing skills, providing actionable steps for both aspiring marketers and employers seeking to upskill their teams.