EP 62 – How to use your data to get more investment! (analytics mini-series pt3)

Author Jon Quinton 2 min read time

Welcome to the third and final episode in our three part series on analytics. 

The big reason behind wanting to run this series is that so many people struggle to get the most from their data, and with a large amount of change happening in the analytics world, getting to grips with your approach to analytics has never been more important.

A huge thank you to the brilliant Barbara Pezzi for her insights across the series, and we genuinely hope it’s been useful. If it has, please do take the time to subscribe and rate the podcast on Apple Podcasts – it makes a big difference, we really appreciate it and would also love to hear what you think.

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In this episode we’re talking about perhaps the most important element to analytics – making sense of the data and using it to further your cause. 

Knowing the ins and outs of Google Analytics and all the nitty gritty is great, but if you can’t use your insights to effect change and communicate performance within your organisation, your skills are sadly not going to be fully utilised.

Often this is where the softer skills need to kick in. In order to be able to really be heard, you need to understand who you are talking to, what language they speak in and really master the art of communication. In fact, it’s a far wider topic than just analytics!

If you’re struggling to get more buy-in for your marketing activity, this is the episode for you as we talk through everything from the best approach to reporting through to how to build useful visualisations in Google Data Studio




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