Top Takeaways from Brighton SEO’S Paid Social Show

Author Ellie Fairchild 5 min read time

Last week I had the pleasure of attending Brighton SEO and in particular, the very first Paid Social Show! As someone who has recently entered the world of paid social, Brighton SEO was the perfect opportunity to brush up on my knowledge and digest some extremely useful tips!

What to do when the feed gets too full

Sally Hawkesford gave us some great advice surrounding Instagram and how to optimise it as a ‘Revenue Driving Channel.’ With the average person spending 53 minutes of their day scrolling through the app, that’s a lot of time to target your audience. Some of Sally’s steps included:

  • Determine your CPA – Think commercially – you can afford to pay more for the customer as revenue will be higher!
  • Audience SegmentationTarget different audiences, differently, with the main user age on Instagram now being 40-60-year-olds!
  • Be Dynamic – Personal messaging
  • Right Place Right Time – Think about customer actions, are they looking on stories or the feed?

Top tips for promoted pin success

One of my favourite talks by Rebecca, who discussed all things Pinterest, with her presentation on ‘Top tips for promoted pin success.’ As someone who has not yet used the platform for marketing purposes, I can’t wait to start utilising it! Some of her top tips and all-around good advice included:

  • Natural Platform – Pinterest users don’t know they’re seeing an ad, therefore ads are less likely to be ignored
  • User Intent – 55% of people already see it as a place for shopping and brand discovery
  • No Text Rule –  Unlike other platforms, there’s no rule or limit on the amount of text you’re allowed
  • It’s a generally positive place and growing rapidly!

How to make the most out of LinkedIn Ads

AJ Wilcox graced us with his LinkedIn ad knowledge! With LinkedIn being more expensive than other channels, AJ reminded us how great it can be when wanting to gain new customers. Here are some highlights from his whistle-stop presentation:

  • Targeting Approach- Run campaigns against each other with multiple targeting options such as ‘Job Function & Seniority’ and ‘Member Groups & Seniority.’ Both are broad and usually cheaper than ‘Job Titles.’
  • Bring your ‘AMO’ – Audience Message Offer. Think about who you’re targeting (audience), the type of creative/copy that resonates with your audience and what you’re offering.
  • Offers that work best on LinkedIn – White papers, infographics, and e-books.

Targeting the full funnel with Quora ads

Another platform that’s brand new to me but one that I now can’t wait to try is Quora! JD Prater’s presentation on ‘Targeting the full funnel with Quora ads’ was insightful from start to finish! With 300 million monthly users visiting the site to get their questions answered, JD enlightened us with some top tips on how business can create paid social campaigns on the channel:

  • Active Audience – people come to actively engage and to learn
  • Funnel Stages – you’re able to reach audiences at any stage of the funnel e.g  
    • Question pages
    • Feed 
    • Topic pages
  • Stand Out Creative – Quora is a very text-heavy website, so get creative with your images
  • Split Traffic – As Quora has a 25% desktop usage, it would be ideal to split mobile and desktop traffic in separate campaigns

Big-budget video advertising on a small business budget

Phil Nottingham’s talk on ‘Big-budget video advertising on a small business budget’ made us laugh and think! Some top tips I took away from him:

  • Viral Videos – they don’t necessarily increase brand awareness!
  • Small Business Model –
    • Goals: Target changes in user behaviour
    • Metrics: Measure impacts not impressions
    • Channels: Distribute where you can best communicate
    • Targeting: Prioritise behavioural and contextual triggers
    • Budget: Optimise spend for impact
  • Creative: Show, don’t tell

Remember your video doesn’t need to go viral! It just has to appeal to the few people who will really care about what you have to offer…

What to do when the feed gets too full

Tom, from TransferWise, enlightened us on what to do when ‘The feed gets too full.’ Instagram stories are the answer according to Tom! With 500 million daily users, stories have a lot of potential, here’s why:

  • Cost Effective – as stories are a relatively new feature the cost is therefore lower
  • Reach you are able to reach new and existing audiences
  • Competitive Advantage – being the first to get ‘eyeballs’ (views in other words!)

And with 40% of activity now surrounding stories why not take full advantage!

I hope these were as helpful to you as they were to me!





Ellie is an experienced content writer with a demonstrated history of working in the publishing and digital marketing industry. Skilled in Paid Social, Journalism and Creative Writing, Ellie’s day consists of the management of social accounts and a variety of platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest.