Podcast Episode 6 – Stephen Pavlovich

Author Jon Quinton < 1 min read time

Stephen Pavlovich is founder of conversion rate optimisation specialists conversion.com. In this episode we sit down to talk through CRO and how website owners, ecommerce managers and marketers alike can start to improve their conversion rates.

I’ve always felt that CRO is alarmingly under-invested in by so many businesses. Either down to a lack of talent or being overly focused on looking for quick wins and silver bullets, rather than thinking about the long game. It was great to talk through the challenges surrounding CRO as a discipline and also explore conversion.com’s process for improving conversion rates.

On that note, if you’re starting think about where to get started you should definitely get a copy of their framework.

Within this episode we cover:

  • General status of CRO and how things are changing
  • Common challenges with CRO
  • How to get started with CRO – what to think about first
  • Frameworks for running your own experiments
  • How to research what to test and how to test it

Thank you Stephen for your time!

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