Podcast Episode 36 – Selling £1m of Car Mats

Author Jon Quinton 2 min read time

Welcome to the final episode of 2020!

I never thought I’d be excited to be talking about car mats, but herein lies yet another interesting twist to 2020.

Just as lockdown hit, Ash Young (@webmonkeyash) decided to launch an ecommerce project selling car mats, with the goal of hitting £1m in revenue in the first twelve months.

He’s documented the entire journey with all the ups and downs on Twitter and was kind enough to join the podcast to talk through the carmats.co.uk story.

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Now well on the way to hitting his ambitious revenue goal early, for anyone interested in Ecommerce this is a fascinating story on starting up a serious ecommerce project from concept through to growing success.

Within the episode we cover everything from the decision to sell car mats, how the project got off the ground with the first orders through to what the future looks like for the site.

We also delve into the detail on what marketing activity has worked for the business and some of the key learnings and adaptations along the way. There are so many interesting insights in here and for anyone looking to start their own project this really is a must listen episode!

And don’t forget to give Ash a follow on Twitter for more and of course head over to carmats.co.uk for all your car mat needs.

What this episode covers:

  • What the carmats.co.uk project is all about
  • Pre-launch activity and getting setup
  • Getting the all-important first orders
  • Which marketing channels have been the most effective
  • The future of carmats.co.uk

Hope you enjoy the episode as much as I did making it, and please do subscribe for future episodes!




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