Podcast Episode 33 – Jenny Rothenberg

Author Jon Quinton 2 min read time

Welcome back to another episode!

This week we’re talking all things email, and specifically about the spectacularly successful newsletter business Morning Brew with their Director of Growth Jenny Rothenberg.

If you’d like a behind the scenes view on how they’ve gotten to 2.5 million subscribers – give this one a listen!

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For those of you who don’t yet know about Morning Brew; the business is centred around their daily business newsletter with which they’ve amassed a huge 2.5 million subscribers. They now offer three sister newsletters; Emerging Tech Brew, Marketing Brew and Retail Brew. They also produce the excellent Business Casual podcast.

Within the episode we discuss the work that goes into producing and growing such a successful newsletter, the channel mix they are using to drive subscribers and why people often struggle with email newsletter growth.

Throughout the episode there were a couple of themes; firstly the benefit of a laser focus on one product, and secondly a constant drive for quality and providing value. These may seem like obvious statements but delivering on this day in day out is huge.

This episode was refreshingly free of ‘growth hacks’ or any trickery and instead full of excellent advice and a completely open behind the scenes take on Morning Brew. If you’re looking to put a bit more love into email then this is such a great listen.

Thanks again to Jenny for making the time and if you haven’t subscribed to Morning Brew, you should absolutely do that here.

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What this episode covers:

  • Background of Morning Brew
  • What makes Morning Brew so successful?
  • How has the marketing channel mix evolved?
  • How to measure genuine growth activity
  • Advice for anyone looking to grow their email channel





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