Podcast Episode 25 – Mike Arnesen

Author Jon Quinton 2 min read time

Remote working is a situation that almost every businesses has been thrust into over the past three months. For some that’s just a continuation of the norm, and for some it’s a move way outside of their existing comfort zones.

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In this episode I talk with Mike Arnesen, founder of Upbuild who are an agency in the US that went remote from day one.

With so many people suddenly finding themselves in a transition to remote working, it was super interesting to speak with someone who made an intentional decision to build a remote team from the beginning.

As many have found, remote working has its pros and cons with clear differences in how to manage a team successfully. Within this episode Mike gave a ton of advice on everything from recruitment, staff onboarding through to general tips on how to manage the day to day and keep communication going.

What this episode covers:

  • Pros and cons of working remotely
  • Recruitment benefits
  • How the costs / office savings work out in practice
  • Challenges to working remote
  • Advice for remote team management

Thanks again to Mike for being a great guest and imparting so much useful advice!



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