Episode 51 – How to Win at PR & Launching Swarm Markets

Author Jon Quinton 2 min read time

Welcome back to another episode of the Marketing Freaks podcast! 

In this episode I catch up with Katie Evans, Global Head of PR & Communications at Swarm Markets, the world’s first BaFin licensed DeFi platform.

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Within the episode we discuss how to launch a unique product and win over the press, and what tactics can be most effective in helping you achieve this. Clearly having a great product is the first step, but what else should you be considering and planning for?

What’s also super interesting is the nature of Katie’s career – there’s a pattern of picking challenging sectors and certainly not going with the safe options. We also dig into that side of things with some excellent insight into getting out of your comfort zone.

If you’re working in PR or any field of marketing, this is a great episode with loads of excellent advice from the trenches. 

Thanks so much to Katie for taking the time to speak!

What this episode covers:

  • What Swarm Markets is all about
  • Being the world’s first licensed DiFi platform
  • Gaining cut through in the press
  • PR tactics for launching your product

Full episode below and also available on YouTube here.



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