Episode 46 – Facebook Ads Tracking, Should You Be Worried?

Author Jon Quinton 2 min read time

Welcome back to another episode!

Continuing on the random location theme, in this episode I pick up Abi, grab a coffee and have a chat around what we’re seeing so far since the iOS 14 changes rolled out. 

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With major changes to how advertisers report on performance and the ability to build retargeting audiences changing, it’s been a daunting few months when it comes to Facebook Ads. 

As such, we thought a bit of a debrief on what we’ve seen thus far on the accounts we manage would be helpful to those who might still be concerned over the impact. 

Take a listen for our honest thoughts and a run through of our up to date recommendations on how to handle the situation and what you need to be considering now when advertising on the platform. 

In summary though, we haven’t seen the world fall off a cliff. Yes, the attribution has changed so our view on performance has been reduced and yes, it’s buggy as hell, but it’s far from being the Armageddon that many feared.

The reality of the situation is that we all work in an ever changing environment, and being adaptive and up to date with changes (both small and large ones) is part of the job and also key to being successful at what we do.

What this episode covers:

  • A quick recap on iOS14
  • What we’ve seen so far
  • Our recommendations

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