EP82, Smoking Your Own Dope, Robert Craven

Author Jon Quinton 2 min read time

Welcome to episode 82 and this week we have another brilliant guest joining the podcast, Robert Craven. We’ll be talking about the importance of practicing what you preach in marketing.

Robert is a digital agency expert, well respected author and keynote speaker and managing partner of GYDA who run peer to peer masterminds for independent agencies. 

In this episode we talk through the importance and value of practicing what you preach and putting your money where your mouth is!

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Practicing what you preach in marketing

There are a number of steps we take as an agency to make sure that we fully understand the nuances of what we’re recommending to our clients. We want to be in their shoes. I personally feel it’s an incredibly important aspect of being a great performance marketing partner. 

I wanted to get Robert’s take on this; from coaching hundreds of independent agencies through to consulting with some of the world’s largest organizations; how important is it to practice what you preach or as Robert puts it, ‘smoke your own dope’?

In this episode we talk through getting back to basics and really understanding your clients, why it’s so vital to always be thinking about your clients’ customers and how the best businesses always take an outwards approach to their marketing. 

Take a listen to this episode to find out the answer to the above, but also get a huge amount of business insight and advice from one of the UK’s most renowned business experts. 


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