EP79 – My Business Story, Jane Hunt

Author Jon Quinton < 1 min read time

Hello all and welcome to episode 79 of the Marketing Freaks podcast. In this week’s episode we continue with our ‘My Business Story’ series, speaking to co-founder of digital PR agency JBH, Jane Hunt.

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Within the episode we talk through the agency’s 9 year lifespan, how Jane got started and some of the key milestones in the business. What I loved about this chat is that it was a matter of fact account on how things have progressed, including both the ups and the downs. 

Of particular interest was their decision to specialise in digital PR, effectively cutting out two other key services in favor of being known for one key area. A bold move for sure, but one that definitely paid off. 

Really hope you enjoy this episode and huge thanks to Jane for taking part! If you like what you hear, you can also check out Jane’s YouTube channel where she explores a number of topics and gives a first hand account of what it’s like to run a business.


Having been involved in digital marketing for over a decade, Jon set up Overdrive Digital in 2016. With extensive experience in both paid media and organic channels, Jon has worked with brands ranging from small startups to global businesses.