EP78 – 2022 Q4 Preppin’

Author Jon Quinton 1 min read time

Hi all!

In this week’s episode I’m joined by Abi Carey to talk about Q4, how to get prepared and what we foresee the challenges being this year.

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Clearly, for a lot of brands Q4 is the pinnacle of the year where all the hard work pays off. It’s also extremely competitive and oftentimes challenging. With a few years of very out of the ordinary circumstances, we believe that this year will be no different.

Adding to all the platform changes, we know also find ourselves working through a cost of living crisis. How will this impact shopping behaviors throughout the peak period? A lot of the specific answers here are unknown, so a big part of your approach should be remaining agile and being able to adapt quickly when you get a clearer picture of performance.

Beyond the market and environmental factors, we also discuss some of the tactics and strategies we’re seeing working well on paid social at the moment. 

If you’re going into Q4 and finalising your plans…give this episode a listen!


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