Ep55 – Our 2022 Predictions for Paid Social

Author Jon Quinton 2 min read time

Predicting trends is always tricky, especially in an industry where big platform changes can happen very quickly indeed.

Add to that a world where restrictions are still ever changing, and identifying trends for 2022 is a pretty tough task. But, as you’ll find out in this episode it certainly doesn’t stop us from trying!

Join myself and Ellie for a run through of what we feel the key trends of 2022 could look like.

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Given the challenges above, how on earth do you get started when trying to understand what might happen on paid social this year? Our view has always been to use a combination of trends from last year and adding this together with a view on what’s working right now.

There are also a number of facts, or elements that we can predict with a portion of certainty. For example, the costs of advertising are highly likely to increase again this year. That’s something we are all going to need to consider.

A further trend from last year that we can definitely see continuing is the shift of spend to alternative platforms, with many advertisers looking to diversify their mix following last year’s madness on Facebook. 

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This episode covers:

  • Key learnings in paid social from last year
  • Our predictions for 2022
  • What we are seeing work well right now
  • Ellie’s tip of the week




Having been involved in digital marketing for over a decade, Jon set up Overdrive Digital in 2016. With extensive experience in both paid media and organic channels, Jon has worked with brands ranging from small startups to global businesses.