Using Google Analytics to Find Audience Ideas For Facebook Ads

Author Ellie Fairchild 3 min read time

Your budgets are important to you and you of course want to make sure your funds are being used profitably and efficiently.

Who you target your ads to is the most effective factor in driving conversions. You don’t want to waste money by interacting with people who are never going to convert, it defeats the purpose of running successful ads! 

Thankfully, Facebook gives you the opportunity to get really granular with your audience targeting, from honing into specific personas to then hitting them again 6 months after purchasing knowing they’ll be in need of your product or services again. 

In this post I’m going to show you a quick trick for finding new and highly relevant audience ideas within Google Analytics.

Audience Personas

Let’s talk personas. Essentially these are personal profiles that represent groups of like-minded people in a target audience. From their behaviour patterns on social media platforms to their interests. Personas are great to plan your audiences on a more personal level and as a result drive conversions. 

For example, say you have a beauty brand that is mainly targeted at Females in the UK between the ages of 18-30. You will have a rough idea of their interests eg competitor beauty brands. However, with the use of tools like Google Analytics, you can delve further into audience data and demographics to increase your knowledge of those personas. 

Using affinity categories within GA, you can quickly pick out other interests you may not have thought of and therefore reach potential customers to make them aware of your brand. These reports show a number of interests such as hobbies and even what entertainment your website visitors enjoy. These audiences are at the highest stage of the funnel.

Let’s use the Beauty example I mentioned previously. After looking at the data from the affinity category report (see image), it’s clear that our target audience is also interested in Media, Entertainment, and Books. 

Therefore, you would look to create an audience persona including females in the UK between 18 – 30 who are interested in popular TV, Films, Music, and Books E.G romcoms, reality TV,  and/or female novelists. 

In using tools such as GA you’re scratching below the surface and narrowing down your ideal customer, making them aware of your product to retarget further down the funnel and drive those conversions.  

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