Jon Loomer Power Hitters Elite Review

Jon Loomer Power Hitters Elite Review

Author Ellie Fairchild 4 min read time

Master of all things Facebook Ad’s, Jon Loomer, has a training package available for those wanting to gain knowledge within the world of FB. As a full member of Power Hitters Elite, I thought it may be useful to put together a review for others who may be interested in signing up for the membership.

There is a lot of specific content to choose from and it’s growing all the time which is why I found it so beneficial on my journey through Facebook ads. I hope this review helps those who are looking into joining Power Hitters!

What the site offers

With the Elite Facebook ‘Power Hitters’ package, you gain access to:

Live webinars which occur once a week, every week!

These cover a number of different topics relevant to Facebook Ads Manager. There is also the chance to interact with Jon personally and ask questions at the Q&A when you join the webinar live. Part of the ‘Power Hitters’ membership means you are also sent recordings of the webinars in case you miss the live ones! If you’re thinking about signing up to the basic membership there is no access to the live webinars.

Tutorials covering over 70 topics

Whatever it is you need help with there will more than likely be a tutorial for it or one similar! These tutorials are included within the basic membership too. They are mostly ‘How To’s’ and are around a minute long. For example,How to create Custom Audiences in FB Analytics’ or ‘How to add a Pixel Purchase Event.’

Become a member of the Power Hitters Club – Elite Facebook group.

I found this really useful as you have the opportunity to ask any questions or answer others. Responses are super quick and there is a nice sense of community. It’s also really useful when wanting to keep up to date with the latest tips.

The membership also helps you stay on top of any changes that Facebook makes. (Which is most of the time!) However, when signing up for the basic subscription you only gain access to the Power Hitters Basic Facebook Group which is separate from the Elite one.

Is it worth the cost?

In my opinion yes. The main reason being that you have the option to pay monthly, so when you feel you no longer need the site, you are not tied into anything. You gain A LOT of really useful knowledge, specific to your own learnings. This is down to the fact there is so much material to use. All members gain full access to training courses and replays which is really great value!

Personally, I felt that things were explained really clearly within both the webinars and tutorials, which is helpful for beginners like myself. Jon and his partner Tracey, who helps to run all things ‘Power Hitter’, are extremely attentive which makes a huge difference. If you have any questions that haven’t been answered in the webinars you are able to email Jon and Tracey. Likewise, if you have any issues with the account, the response is speedy and your problem is quickly resolved. (10/10 for customer service!)

Things to know before you sign up

Like myself, you may have seen comments regarding the fact tutorials/webinars like the one’s Power Hitters offer, can be found online for free. This may be true however the question is will they be as good? Probably not. In terms of the Facebook group, this is more about community support rather than direct support from Jon. However, there is an opportunity for direct support throughout live webinars and via email.

If what you’re looking for is a training programme and an opportunity to learn about all things Facebook ads, then this package is perfect! Simple yet effective with the three main attributes of, Webinars, Tutorials, the Facebook Group and if you don’t think it’s for you then you can opt out!

Jon Loomer Power Hitters Elite – 10/10 ????

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