How To Group Audiences for CBO Campaigns

Author Ellie Fairchild 3 min read time

It won’t come as a shock to many of you that Facebook has now made Campaign Budget Optimisation NOT compulsory. As a result, we are now looking at CBO through the previous lens of testing its effectiveness rather than being forced to restructure around it.

If you are still wanting to use it, CBO has some great benefits. As mentioned in my previous CBO related blog, the feature does have a lot of positives. For example, as Facebook will be working in real-time to capture the most results for your budget, this should effectively lower your total cost per result.

We have seen this across some of our clients where we are actively testing and using campaign budget optimisation. The other positive is that CBO also means (in theory!)  there is less to manage and you can spend your time more efficiently.

Campaign structure is the key to running an effective CBO campaign. When it comes to setting up a CBO Structure consider grouping together specific targeting into different campaigns, (I’ll split this bit by funnel stage).

For example:

Top Funnel 

Top Funnel will feature campaigns such as:

  • Interests campaigns
  • 1-3% LAL Campaigns

We’d run these types of audiences within the Top Funnel as the pool of people you’re targeting is colder here, so the broader the better! 

In terms of the LAL (lookalike) audiences, we recommend keeping these around 1-3% so the audience consists of the people most similar to your lookalike source.

Mid Funnel 

  • Customer Lists (Feed)
  • Customer Lists (IG / FB Stories)

Your Mid Funnel audiences will be warmer as they would have usually had some sort of interaction with you already, we recommend using customer lists at this stage. This will be previous information you’ve collected about your customers.


Conversion windows eg:

  • 30 Day Visits 
  • 30 Day Visits IG / FB Story 
  • 60-90 Day Visits 
  • 60-90 Day Visits IG / FB Story 

Retargeting campaigns will tend to be used for website custom audiences. You’ll clearly need to have a Facebook Pixel implemented to set these up. (See Image).

Other key learnings and considerations if you are setting up your account for Campaign Budget Optimisations are the number of ad sets and ads to have running. Between 4-5 ad sets with 4-5 ads running within each campaign is about right. This way ensures that your account is focused on not spreading the budget too thin across all ad sets and the account is organised.

Let us know in the comments if this helped or if you have any other CBO tips yourself!


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