EP100 – (Part 1) Why Your Ads Might Not Be Working

Author Halli Biggs 3 min read time

Hi all and welcome to episode 100 of the Marketing Freaks podcast! Over the next two weeks, Jon is joined by our very own Abi Carey and are focussing on ad performance & do’s and don’ts in ad creation. They discuss some of the potential reasons as to why your Performance Marketing ads might not be working and what changes you can make within your business to rectify this.

During this week’s episode, Jon and Abi talk through some of the common misconceptions when it comes to ad creation. 

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One of the biggest obstacles we often come across at Overdrive Digital is the ad creative. Previously content was designed to be more sleek and professional, however, relying on content like this nowadays can be seen as a huge error. 

One of the creative approaches we advise to test is UGC styled creative, which has been around for a long time in the marketing industry, yet is still just as impactful and relatable in today’s market. Whether that’s utilising Macro or Micro Influencers within content, or just simply having creative filmed to look like it was filmed by a consumer i.e unboxing products. 

However, it’s important to note that whilst taking advantage of having Macro/Micro Influencers film content for your brand can be exciting and hopeful for conversions down the line, it can be a mistake to think spending a lot of budget on this style of content is always going to resonate with your audiences because you should never assume that people know or care about that particular influencers opinion.

It’s also a common misunderstanding that having a larger budget is the only way to create conversion-worthy content, but this is inaccurate in today’s industry. Without wanting to make any creative designer’s eyes bleed, we often see that it’s the creative that has had the least attention and effort put into it that converts the best so it’s in your best interest to go into everything with an open & unbiased mind.

Do you feel stuck with your current ad performance and are unsure with what steps to take to improve it? Checkout this week’s episode to find out if we can help!


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