EP097 – Mini Series Part 2, Migrating to GA4

Author Halli Biggs 2 min read time

Hi all and welcome to episode 97 of the Marketing Freaks podcast! In this week’s episode, Jon and the incredible Analytics guru Barbara Pezzi, dive into what to expect when migrating to GA4 from Universal.

In the previous episode, Jon and Barbara discussed a few of the pros and cons with GA4 and the teething problems that you are likely to come across when learning the new platform. 

As most will know, Universal Analytics will no longer be available from July 2023. The unfortunate likelihood is that there are still a lot of people/companies that won’t be aware of these changes and what effects it will have on your business.

So it’s vital that if you plan on utilising the new GA4 platform, that you gain as much knowledge as you possibly can before you get stung and lose all your data from Universal Analytics.

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So have you and your team got your GA4 property set up yet? One of the main questions most companies will be thinking is: Where do you even start?! 

Well, one of the first recommendations we could possibly give you is to look at your current data and be pragmatic on what you are using to make business decisions. Then you are able to check within GA4 to see whether those specific dimensions are set up correctly, and ready for July 2023.

Not only will this help you and your team familiarise yourself with the new software but you can also see whether the data you require is currently available for you to find and analyse within the new platform.

Make sure you checkout this week’s episode for everything you need to know about migrating to GA4.