EP093 – No-Nonsense Paid Social Case Studies

Author Halli Biggs 3 min read time

Hi all and welcome back to the Marketing Freaks podcast! In this episode, Jon and Abi talk through some of our Paid Social Case StudiesPaid and provide a realistic overview of what has worked well and why.

With Paid Social being such a noisy space, it can be easy to avoid being experimental with your digital marketing in fear that you’ll get lost in the abyss and waste not only energy and time, but money. This is where having the right mindset comes into play, and it can make a huge difference. 

As a business, we’ve found that testing really is key to any and every account if you want to be successful in increasing performance.

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So what do we mean in “having the right mindset”? Well, it’s simple. Sometimes you need to step away from your screen, sit with your team and brainstorm. We have found this so beneficial in Overdrive Digital, and this is where a lot of our brilliant ideas come from. 

Unlocking Creativity and Overcoming Challenges in Paid Social:

It can be easy to get stuck with the same type of content, audiences or even copy variations. Sometimes the solution can be right in front of you but you just need someone else to help you see it. Any small tweaks on all of these factors can make a big difference.

Having blockbuster worthy creative for products that you can easily sell just by seeing them is a simple task. But how do you sell a product that smells nice? Or feels nice? What we’ve found useful, is actually getting your hands on the product, so that you can understand what the key USP’s are. How does that product make you feel and how can you best describe that feeling to others?

Another thing Jon and Abi discuss is, with how hard the current climate is, luxury businesses especially are struggling more than ever before, which can make digital marketing and advertising a very difficult task. They also discuss what we did as a business to try and overcome these challenges. Sometimes it can be as simple as aiming your ads towards people who are more likely to gift to others as opposed to buying for themselves.

We hope you find this episode useful! 

See you next time.

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