How To Prepare For Your Facebook Lead Gen Campaigns

Author Ferne Lacon 5 min read time

The power of a Lead Generation campaign can go far beyond enforcing your CRM with a fresh stream of new prospects. It gives us the ability to diversify our Facebook targeting and tap into new areas of growth that would simply not be possible with conversion-led only campaigns!

With the new iOS updates coming into play thick and fast, it’s time to start getting creative with how we overcome hurdles of unclear customer journeys and conversions. This is where lead generation comes in. With this style of campaign, you can tailor the pool of prospective leads to whatever your heart desires.

A few things to consider when launching your lead form ad:

What are you asking the audience to sign up for? 

A BAU newsletter? 

This can broaden and subsequently help alleviate high frequencies in your Mid Funnel audience when wanting to increase spend within this ad set. 

A broader newsletter audience can also further broaden your Top Funnel audience potential as you create a Lookalike Audience of this list.

A product competition?

There’s nothing like a Limited Edition Hamper competition to really raise awareness of products that your brand offers, inspire web visits, and generate a list of potential customers interested in a particular product segment!

You must note that when repurposing this type of audience list, you may not gather as successful a conversion with a broader product ad.

Teaser product promotion Sign Ups?

This is an excellent tool to support a significant sales campaign. The lead form ad not only generates interest and results of interest through the leads but also enhances anticipation for such a product.

Once the sign-up campaign duration is over, you can create not only a sign-up retargeting audience but also a lookalike audience which tends to yield excellent conversion results!

What’s in it for them?

Aside from a killer product competition or early entry to an unmissable sale, simply signing up to join an email marketing list isn’t going to cut the mustard.

Lead with a gift with purchase or a newsletter subscriber discount on their first purchase after signing up to generate that value-add to see those leads flow in.

When should you set the lead form ad up?

It is obvious that the longer a lead form ad runs, the more leads the ad yields. There isn’t a magic number per se, but here is some guidance. 

For certain teaser promotions/sign-ups to a product release, we would recommend a minimum of two weeks/max of 4 weeks to generate a substantial number of good quality leads whilst preventing a prolonged campaign and generating ad fatigue.

For a BAU newsletter, it’s important to generate a consistent stream of leads over time. We would recommend maintaining this campaign for as long as possible. Once the cost per lead begins to exceed £1, switch the ad off and target the lead form ad with a new audience.

Who should we target?

Similarly to timings, prospective audience pools should also be broad. Targeting cold audiences such as Lookalikes of your current CRM list is a great place to start!

Getting a little more narrow here. For competitions, it’s important that you’re not casting too wide a net whereby you end up spending a valuable budget on an audience that may not be interested in your exclusive bundle giveaway. Make sure you create broad interest-based or lookalike targeting of the product or category you’re promoting.

If, for example, you’re setting up a “Sign Up for early product access” campaign, you’re going to want to reach out to those who are more likely to be interested in said product. Here a retargeting of previous purchasers is useful, however, we have found that regardless of how familiar an audience is with your brand and product, the cold lookalike audiences of these customers are a lot more effective, with a significantly lower Cost Per Lead!

What to look out for in a successful campaign

Cost per Lead – as mentioned above, anything below £1.00 is a very strong result!

Engagement – don’t underestimate the power of a post comment. This is a great sense check when understanding exactly who you’re reaching out to and what their thoughts are on the value of your offering.

Valuable, actionable customer lists post-campaign – if you have targeted correctly and have set up the relevant lists off the back of your lead gen campaign, you should start to see excellent results in the form of conversions.

What technology are we using to manage this campaign?

Now that you have a nice shiny new lead gen campaign, it’s important to know how these leads are going to feed into your CRM lists. It’s no secret that every CRM platform works in different ways, especially when it comes to managing leads generated from Facebook.

Some platforms integrate with Ads Manager very easily such as Klaviyo, Hubspot, or Salesforce. However, other platforms such as Dot Digital need a little help with connector platforms such as Zapier which we use and recommend when working on a campaign of this nature.

It’s important to assess the integration and test the sign-up via Facebook’s Testing Tool, for example before setting anything live and potentially losing your valuable new leads!

Now you’re fully equipped to launch your new lead gen campaign! If you want to learn more about the best way to set one up, along with other super useful insights, visit our blog for more tips and tricks!


Ferne joined the Overdrive team in 2020, with previous experience in sales, and both online and offline marketing. This, along with her passion for brand and storytelling has helped our clients transform their Paid Social performance.