EP81 – Need Big Changes? Make Big Moves.

Author Jon Quinton < 1 min read time

It’s no secret that many advertisers on social have found 2022 tough. Combine the platform changes with a cost of living crisis, increased competition and massively skewed year on year data – it’s not been easy.

However, there is still hope and we’re seeing strong performance on Facebook Ads across a number of different sectors. It’s just harder to come by. In this episode I chat with Abi on the mindset needed to make big performance improvements, and how we tackle the challenge here at Overdrive.

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A few episodes back I spoke to Sophie about some of the more tactical elements we’ve seen work well when it comes to turning around account performance. If you haven’t listened to that episode then you definitely should!

This week’s conversation was slightly different though. Having a list of tactics and strategies to test is great, but there’s a very specific attitude, approach and mindset needed to make big improvements. You need confidence in your plan, and you really do need to be able to hold your nerve!

I really hope you enjoy this episode!


Having been involved in digital marketing for over a decade, Jon set up Overdrive Digital in 2016. With extensive experience in both paid media and organic channels, Jon has worked with brands ranging from small startups to global businesses.