EP101 – (Part 2) Why Your Ads Might Not Be Working

Author Halli Biggs 3 min read time

Hi all and welcome to episode 101 (Not the Dalmatians movie) of the Marketing Freaks podcast! In this week’s episode, Jon and our Paid Social whiz Abi Carey continue to discuss other potential reasons as to why your Performance Marketing Ads might not be working and why, as well as providing ways to improve the performance.

In the previous episode, Jon and Abi went over some of the common things we see within the digital marketing agency when it comes to poor performing ads, whether it’s creative design being too complex or simply not utilising what is available when it comes to ad strategy i.e. creating UGC style content. In this episode, we dive deeper into reasons that may not have even crossed your mind before…

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Although it may be controversial (especially coming from a performance marketing agency), and really quite daunting to come to terms with, one thing we flag to our clients is that they are not spending enough on automated campaigns. We understand this can be a bitter pill to swallow for most and we aren’t trying to tell you to spend more money if your results aren’t looking good.

However, there are certain campaigns types available now like PMax for PPC and automated structures within Meta and generally speaking, when you have a higher volume of traffic and data feeding into those campaigns (usually from spending a bigger budget), it will give the platform a better base to learn from and theoretically push for better results. But it’s also key to understand that this takes time, and you can’t expect good performance straight away.

Another thing that’s crucial to take into consideration is – what are you seeing beyond the click? We find on a lot of occasions that actually the ads aren’t the issue, (don’t get us wrong, there is always room for improvement when it comes to campaigns structures and ads) but have you looked at what performance is like after someone has clicked on the ad? What’s the conversion rate like? Has your company looked into the checkout/shopping behaviour reports within analytics to see where people are dropping off? 

It’s important to look at the data, compare the KPI’s and metrics from a good time period VS a period that isn’t looking so good and look at what has changed the most. Has the add to cart rate decreased? Or is the traffic more expensive?

So if you haven’t done so already, take a listen to last week’s & this week’s episodes in order to gain a better understanding as to why your ads may not be working.