EP098 – Mini Series Part 3, The Value In Outside Expertise

Author Halli Biggs 2 min read time

Hi all and welcome to episode 98 of the Marketing Freaks podcast! During this week’s episode, Jon and the Analytics wizard Barbara Pezzi, discuss the benefits in investing in expert advice from outside of your organisation.

If you haven’t tuned into our podcast recently, this episode is part of a three part mini series with Barbara discussing all things GA4; from pros and cons to migration within the new platform (which in our biassed opinion, are really worth a listen!)

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So are you and your company feeling confident that you have all of the correct tracking set up with GA4 when the migration takes place in July 2023?

One of the common things we hear in the industry is “We’ve always done things this way” but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the right way.. Are you currently tracking too much data? So now you’re left with a mass of information that doesn’t necessarily make sense or equate to any hard figures but is just there for the sake of being… There?

With migrating to GA4, there is a need now more than ever, to have an expert validate your data and it’s a service we would recommend as you want to ensure your house is in order and what you’re investing in, is both accurate and reliable. Whether that be the expert creating an Analytics strategy or a measurement plan, you need to know that you’re looking at the most valuable data.

This way, you gain an unbiased opinion from a professional within the Analytics industry that can provide an unique perspective whilst looking at the best ways to gain the most from your data.

So would it be beneficial for your business to invest in external expertise? Checkout this week’s episode to find out more!