Podcast Episode 8 – Geoff Griffiths

Author Jon Quinton 2 min read time

The task of client servicing is clearly vital to any successful agency business, however it’s a role that can be approached in many different ways with no clear right or wrong. At the same time it’s a pretty under discussed topic and one that I really wanted to explore.

To discuss this topic I sat down with a great friend and former colleague Geoff Griffiths, MD at Builtvisible. The idea was to talk through client servicing in general, discuss ways in which agencies can approach the role, but also how clients can work with their agencies to get more from the relationship.

With a productive and fruitful relationship between both parties being the key to success, hopefully this proves to be a useful discussion whether you’re working agency or client side.

Having worked closely with Geoff for quite a few years, I genuinely couldn’t think of anyone better to have this conversation with!

What this episode covers:

  • General approach to client servicing
  • Roles & responsibilities within client servicing
  • What clients can do to strengthen their agency relationships
  • Where to start when you’re looking to review your client servicing function
  • How client servicing has changed as Builtvisible has grown as a business

I thoroughly enjoyed doing this – I hope you enjoy too!

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