Podcast Episode 32 – Andy Vale

Author Jon Quinton 2 min read time

We all like to be on top of our conversion tracking as it pays to have a clear view on what’s driving sales, but for some reason call tracking often feels like a bit of a black hole. If you’re not tracking calls properly then you’re likely missing out on valuable information.

In this episode I speak to Andy Vale, head of content at call intelligence specialists Infinity.


Within the episode we cover the basics of why call tracking is so important and also just how easy it is to get setup. It’s definitely not as tricky as some think, with many options available and of course the ability to integrate easily with tools including Google Analytics.

In addition to talking through how to get going with call tracking, Andy also came with a huge amount of data and insights on different sectors and call volumes through 2020.

Clearly it’s not been a normal year, so to get a view on how volumes of calls have been affected for different sectors is a hugely interesting way to get a barometer on general business activity in the UK. From travel through to healthcare, it was super interesting to hear about the trends in call volume through lockdown to where we are right now headed into winter.

If you want to find out more about call tracking then check out Infinity and give Andy a follow here.

Thanks Andy for joining us and thanks to everyone for listening in!

What this episode covers:

  • Why call tracking is often confused
  • How to get setup and some of the options available
  • How call tracking works
  • Call data trends across various sectors





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