Last Minute Christmas Wins For Your Paid Social Campaigns

Author Ellie Fairchild 3 min read time

As we are getting into the thick of Christmas, the Overdrive Paid Social gang has put together a list of quick wins and last min preps to battle this festive season! 

Website Prep (prep your website as you would your Christmas veg!)

If you usually see lots of extra traffic during the festive season, make sure your website is in tip-top condition for users to navigate their gifts easily! This means clear homepages and collection pages. You don’t want potential purchasers clicking on and straight back off again due to a slow or chaotic website! 

Also, ensure your Facebook pixel is firing correctly with the help of the Facebook pixel helper. You don’t want to miss out on any extra purchases! Be sure to check your Page View, View Content, Initiate Checkout, Add To Cart and Purchase events are all firing. 

Budget Pacing 

Spend pacing is crucial this time of year! We tend to see purchase behaviour drop off just before and just after Christmas Day, so make sure you’re weighing that spend towards your busiest days in December. 

Using Supermetrics for your budget trackers can help keep a close eye on your money! Be sure to have an understanding of when you need to scale spend and the days you need to drop the spend – remember this could be over days where you might be on annual leave so make sure you have someone from the team actioning these changes. 

You may also want to consider when your last shipping date is a lowering spend and changing ad copy from this date, see more about shipping dates below.

Don’t forget shipping dates!

Tailor your campaigns around your shipping dates, these are key to keeping your customers happy with your business. If your cut-off is the 17th of December but you are still looking to run ads, could you run a campaign around promoting Gift Cards for last-minute Christmas purchases? We’ve seen this work well in the past. 

Christmas Checks 

As people will be out of the office, make sure you have someone in your team checking in over the holidays. Yes, even on Christmas Day! You don’t want to risk making a mistake and not catching it until we are back in the office in the New Year. 

Don’t forget about the New Year and the first week of January too. As we are coming back into the office on the 4th January for the majority of us, these 4 days can be crucial to start the business off right. Before logging off for the year make sure you are prepped with ads, budgets, and any sales ahead of time to be extra prepared. 

Make the most of your Black Friday audiences!

If you sell multiple products, look to retarget your customers who purchase during Black Friday if you are running another sale during the Boxing Day/New Year period. If they’re invested in your brand, they’ll likely want to return as a customer and this will increase their overall LTV. Upload a customer list through Audience Manager and retarget this audience, but remember to add in exclusions too e.g. purchased within the last 7 days. You could also try a LAL of this audience, we tend to see 2-7% LAL’s work the best. 

If you want to chat about getting some extra help on your campaigns – be sure to drop us a line! 

Have a great Christmas!🎅


Ellie is an experienced content writer with a demonstrated history of working in the publishing and digital marketing industry. Skilled in Paid Social, Journalism and Creative Writing, Ellie’s day consists of the management of social accounts and a variety of platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest.