EP095 – The Importance Of Landing Pages

Author Halli Biggs 2 min read time

Hi All and welcome back to the Marketing Freaks podcast! In this episode, Jon, Chris & Rosie discuss the importance of landing pages and why they are a crucial element to obtaining conversions within paid media. 

It can be a common misconception that ads are the solution to all problems and by pumping money into paid media, you’re guaranteed to gain conversions. Although ads play a vital part in this process, if your final stage in the funnel (the landing page) is not up to scratch, it can equate to high bounce rates and wasted spend.

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So how do you know whether your landing page is the reason that conversions are low? This is where the importance of analysing the metrics and data comes into play. If you have a high CTR, you’re likely to be targeting the right people and are successfully pushing the traffic through to the right place. But if you notice that the conversion rate is low, it’s likely that the landing page is the cause of this issue.

The key to understanding what creates a great landing page is to do your research. Talk to your sales team about what are the common questions people ask or simply look into what the common mistakes are when building a landing page. There are lots of tools that you can utilise in order to optimise the landing page effectively. You can analyse user behaviour or find the area that is causing the target audience to drop off, and so on..

The good news is that there are lots of ways you can ensure that your landing page is in top condition. Really it all drives down to common sense. Are you explaining your product or service clearly enough? Do you have benefits, testimonials or case studies visible on your page for the end user? All of these things give you a better chance of gaining conversions, which ultimately, is the end goal. 

To find out more on how to ensure your landing pages drive conversions, speak to a member of the Overdrive Team today.

We hope you find this episode useful!