EP089 – Working Together, Agencies & Clients

Author Halli Biggs 2 min read time

Hi all and welcome back to our podcast!

In this week’s episode, I’m joined by Dan and we’re catching up on something that should be at the forefront of your mind, yet so many forget – how agencies and clients should work together.

So let’s talk about relationships. When working with your clients or an agency, it’s important to remember that you’re a partnership and it’s essential to be aligned in what you want to achieve. 

This way if there are any differences, you can solve these from the get-go or make any adjustments necessary. It’s all about being 100% on the same page right from the start, but also having transparent and open communication.

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As an agency, it’s crucial to know exactly what your clients KPIs and objectives are but it’s also important to be thinking outside the box and bringing new ideas to the table. Why only hit the clients target, if you can exceed it? 

As we all know, in the digital marketing industry, there is constant change across all platforms as to what works and what doesn’t. Whether that’s a type of creative content, account structures, or even audience targeting. This is why it is so important to ensure that you are constantly communicating and brainstorming new ways for you to both hit your goals.

So how should you approach working with your clients? Take a listen to this week’s episode to find out!