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3 benefits of hiring an agency VS in-house resource

Author Dan Lifton 4 min read time

Are you contemplating whether to hire in-house resource vs support from a specialist Performance Marketing Agency? This is a common discussion we have with business owners and there are positives and negatives to both.

That being said, we do believe there is immense short and long-term value in hiring an agency to manage your Performance Marketing and growth strategies. Here are 3 reasons why we believe choosing an agency is the right decision for your business. 

1. You’re hiring a team of experts, not just one person

When you hire a performance marketing agency, you immediately are gaining access to a wide range of not only paid media experience but sector experience as well. For example, e-commerce learnings and strategies which have been proven with similar clients, can be instantly applicable to your business.

You’re also gaining access to a team of professionals compared to just one internal hire. This can be a huge advantage vs your competitors and also ensures you have a wide range of skills and experience to call upon.

For example, you would usually have three members of your account team, which could include a Senior Account Manager and two Executive. One thing we are big fans of is transparency for an account team, so we are happy to provide our rate card for each role in the business, for the client to select their own account “dream team” to suit their needs.

2. You make time and cost efficiencies 

Hiring a team internally can quickly become a drain on your resources, both in terms of time and money. Recruiting, hiring and training a team of skilled paid media marketers requires significant effort and financial investment. Additionally, maintaining an in-house department means covering ongoing expenses like salaries, benefits and software costs. For small and medium-sized businesses, this can be a heavy burden.

Working with a Performance Marketing agency allows you to tap into a ready-to-go team of industry experts without the overhead costs associated with an in-house department. You save time on recruitment and training, enabling you to focus on core business activities while leaving the paid media strategy and expertise to the agency.

3. You get an objective and honest perspective of your business

Sometimes, when you’ve been so in the day-to-day, strategies and ideas become stagnant. Working with the same creative minds every day can be a blocker to those fresh and innovative strategies to unlock the extra 10% needed for growth. By hiring a Performance Marketing agency, you get the objective, external viewpoint which can bring fresh input to your business. It can also make you look critically at areas you might not even have considered across the business. 

As we mentioned earlier, agencies work with a range of clients across different platforms and industries, which exposes the team to a various opportunities and business challenges to solve. These strategies and learnings can be shared with the internal team to invigorate collaborative discussions to drive the overall strategy forward. 

You’ll also benefit from in-person brainstorming sessions, creative development, regular check-ins and reporting to give you everything  you need to hit your growth goals.

The important thing that underpins all of the above is working with an agency as a valued partner, not just a siloed part of your marketing team. With the access to an experienced team, plus the long-term costs savings, the value an agency can bring to your strategy is a no-brainer in our opinion (not being biased). 

If you are thinking about working with an agency, heres our tips on how to select the right agency and what questions you should ask during the selection process. 

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Dan has been working in Paid Media for 5+ years, and has extensive experience in managing strategies and campaigns both in-house and agency side, meaning he knows the best of both worlds.